Are Wooden Phone Cases Good For Aesthetic Only?

A day or two ago, I got into a discussion about why wooden phone cases are not exactly top of people's mind when it comes to choosing functional phone covers. I mean, I get it. Wood doesn't necessarily equate to "indestructible", "rugged", or "heavy-duty". But then again, is that how you would like to describe the thing that hugs your precious smartphone on a daily basis? Does that express your personality? The person I was in a healthy argument with said, and I quote " I mean, yeah, wooden phone cases are sleek. But they won't exactly protect your phone. And they won't last."

I don't know what era he lives in but wooden phone cases have certainly come a long way since it started popping up in the market a decade or so ago. The ones that I've seen offers enough protection where it matters. After all, your phone case doesn't have to be a fortress. When he said "they won't last", does he expect to live with the same phone case for 5 years? 7 years? Of course, I don't undermine durability as a factor in choosing a phone case. The thing is, most people go through phone case changes twice or thrice a year. Hell, I know someone who's addicted to phone cases. Others choose theirs based on their current mood or outfit. For me, I need my phone case a nice balance of form and functionality.

Ergo, a series of wooden phone cases that perfectly suits my requirements. Let me give you a brief rundown on why I absolutely love them.

They are like blank canvases.

Wood lends itself like a canvas to paint. You can have it engraved with your favorite design or put your monogram on it. Recently, my favorites are these wooden inlay phone cases.

It's a great way to express your personality.

You want people to know you're into country music? Here's a wood stitched guitar phone case. A certified globetrotter or backpacker? There are phone cases etched with world maps, compass, the True North. Basically, your passion rendered in organic wood.

They are totally unique.

Great for people who hate bandwagoning. Why not have the exact same phone case that every other girl has in school? Do you really want to go into the boardroom only to find out you and your boss share the exact same phone cover? This is where wooden phone cases' strength comes into play. Because of the wood grain variances, no two phone cases will exactly be the same.

They offer protection where it matters.

Yes, contrary to popular belief, wooden phone cases do not lack in the phone protection department. A lot of these cases are reinforced with TPU - a blend of hard plastic and silicone known for its durabilities and anti-slip properties.

They are most often handmade and thus can be considered a work of art.

Wooden phone cases are typically made by artisans in smaller workshops rather than mass-produced in huge factories. Because of this, these cases are not as widely available as their plastic counterparts.

They are sustainable.

Bamboo and some type of woods are more sustainable than plastic so if you get bored fast, you can switch up sans the guilt.

Lastly, I just love how the wood looks. If done right, the smooth curves and the amazing finish feels really easy on the hand too. I'm a total klutz and after using hard plastic cases in the past (which still resulted in chips and scratches), I can say that wooden phone cases definitely strike the perfect balance between form and function.

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