About Us

Hi there, 

We are Kohei and Carla, two individuals who were not supposed to meet under normal circumstances but became fast friends against all odds. Trust played a huge part in our friendship and we hope to earn the same from our customers. Of course, we had like a gazillion of common interests so it was never boring.

Among these interests that run the gamut of sunflowers, Dragon Ball Z, and doing random, crazy stuff, we both love nature. While we recognize technology's immense contribution to society, we kinda got tired of seeing all blacks and grays, rubber, stainless steel, plastic, and anything artificial that gadgets are usually made out of. Living in cities, doesn't it feel quite jarring being surrounded with asphalt and concrete?

That's why we thought we could use a dose of nature in our daily lives. A piece of wood in a modern gadget. Pressed flowers to remind us of spring. Hays and straws to bring back memories of past summers. Anything to break the bleak monotony of modernity.

And so, we've made it our mission to offer you products with this in mind. You know how you look out the window when your eyes are tired? Preferably somewhere with a view of a greenery? This is supposed to de-stress your eyes right? We aim for the very same thing but on a more holistic level.

Nature can always refresh our mind, body, and soul. And while we can't always run for the hills, lace our boots up and go hiking, we hope you find some items here that could ease nature back into your daily existence.

To find out which one is yours, check out our collections above. Happy shopping!

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Kohei and Carla